Claude Budin-Juteau


Born in Paris, France, Claude lived in England and Canada before coming to the US to study Film & Television at UCLA. He graduated with an MFA in Film Production and became a US Citizen in 1996. With his own Aaton Super 16mm camera, he went on to make documentaries around the world. In 2001, switching to video, he became the correspondent of two French networks (TF1 and M6) and covered Hollywood news, including red carpets, behind-the-scenes and special events. He now works with a Sony PMW-200 XDCAM Digital camera, which allows HD422 at 60i or 50i (the equivalent of NTSC or PAL). One of his recent shooting projects, a documentary called “The Invocation”, took him to five continents over a period of nine months, covering a total of 100.000 miles. He then worked as a DP and Associate Producer on a “sequel” called “Femme” that has been released at the end of 2013. Claude is also the US correspondent for Télématin, a morning show that airs on France 2 and TV5 Monde in the US and around the world.

Cameras: Sony PMW-200 + PXW-X70 XDCAM & 4K

Editing system: Final Cut Pro X


The Invocation


MLK: The Concrete Dream


The Burning Man Festival


(EPK style)


at the stars’ home


with the stars

in “junket situation”

Hollywood Walk of Fame



Bio express